A Gem.

Right now she is sleeping just a few feet away from me in a wooden crib. Her Fisher Price “fishies” soothing sounds plays a soft melody of tunes I have come to memorize since it first got mounted when this crib was Layla’s. About an hour ago she was bathed, I gave her a massage with sweet smelling baby lotion, a fresh diapey drapes her butt and her tummy was filled to capacity with the milk my body makes just for her. Her world, in this moment, is just as it should be.

Recently, I have noticed myself dwelling on the fact that since her birth, well if I am honest even during this last pregnancy, I have not devoted as much time as I did for Layla doing things like writing for her, scrapbooking and taking pictures. Everyone told me that would happen – that I should not feel badly about this because with more than one child, there just is not enough time. Even with that knowledge being a simple reality these days, I do still feel like I should be doing more to remember each little step of her life. After all, though she is still a wee-one now, too soon she will grow, never to be an infant again. There is really no excuse for stopping if even only occasionally to document the little moments that make up the life of my second born daughter.

All in all, my Jemma is a very content, very happy baby. Her smile (as one would so easily notice) is full, and she does not hesitate to flash those pink gums to anyone who so much as bats an eyelash her way. From that, I sense she will be one of those girls and eventually one of those women that lights up the room wherever she goes. She just has a way about her, something so simplistically and intricately special, where she exists in happiness effortlessly; my heart finds tremendous joy in seeing her smile, it really is a sweet highlight to any passing moment she is cradled in my arms.

Her smile is a treasure, of that I am sure, but more than that, I pay attention to the fact that she notices her world. Surely it must be common that infants during this stage of development “notice” things, because they are sponges, and because all they have is newness all around them. Jemma, though… She just seems to watch. Carefully, curiously. She watches her world unfold, and she wants to, almost in a sense needs to be a part of everything that happens around her. There is not a moment I can recall in the last couple of months when she was simply content playing on her own – not this girl. A people person, or rather, a chubby little people-watcher who always wants in on the action! I marvel at her eyes taking in the details, and I dream about what that trait will lead to… Where this curiosity will take her when she is old enough to hone it in.

Just a little bit before Christmas, we noticed she got her first tooth. Shy of 4 months old, can you imagine? Quite young to be flashing pearly whites, but I guess that is another thing about her that is unique. She is blossoming too quickly for my heart, but I guess with a name like Jemma, there really won’t be any stopping her making her way, even if that means she does it before I am ready to see it unfold.

Her little fingers are constantly in her mouth, and it is so cute to watch her tongue at her bottom gums, no doubt wondering to herself what this stinking sharp thing is in there! The only thing consistent about this new development is how she is taking it – does not seem she handles the pain too well. We keep her on medication, which seems to ease some of the discomfort; I can tell she is extra clingy right now but I do not mind it.

One thing I thought about recently that I have been meaning to write about, as it relates to her personality these days, is that this girl is ALWAYS on my hip. Always. She wants me to hold her so she can be close to me and so she can see everything I am seeing. It brings a silent joy to my heart to hold her this way, because I can remember my dad telling me that my mom never put me down – that I was always “on her hip” until I turned 3. I do not recall having to do that with Layla when she was Jemma’s age, so it is a thing I will share with just my second girl – any mama knows its hard to find those special things when you already had a child – to share this just with her makes me happy. A slight tinge of heartache ails me at times when I remember my dad’s words, because it would have been nice to share that with my mom and hear her tell me such a treasured gift she gave me in my earliest days – but the thought at best is bittersweet – at most I thank my mom heavenward and go back about my business of toting around my precious Gem.

She is stirring now, so I suppose I will go now…

Hopefully it will not be as long again until I am back here devoting my time to a little baby, the light of my life…

Please, I welcome your thoughts, perspective, and new ideas on anything I have written here!

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