Going Home to Paint Stars

Twinkling above her head like diamonds within the darkest part of dusk, the night’s first stars began to shine in the deep sapphire blue sky. Counting, one by one, she imagined thousands of them in their distant existence; a quiet, dim birth growing to wild explosions of light waves seen from earth and, finally, diminishing into nothingness a hundred million miles away. Each blazing beautifully in galaxies unreachable by man – she rested from counting stars and set her mind on the uniqueness of all forms, whether man or mysterious things, and all the questions of these pondered but never satisfied. What precedes the stars gets the glory: the faithfully setting sun on the Western sea pulls the curtain open for the stars, she wonders, was her life too just another light few will ever notice? Most only ever observe the coral and salmon sunstrokes brightening up the crest of crashing waves, and the painted clouds emblazoned with the fading sun’s residual light… Stars? To follow the setting of the sun and be any as admired… what remains is much like the dust that follows the trail of a wise man’s journey: Meaningless. Who has patience enough to paint the stars when the fading sun left far better a subject, and gives light to see the canvas – stars are visible only under cloak of darkness…

(To be Continued June 5th…)

Please, I welcome your thoughts, perspective, and new ideas on anything I have written here!

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