I remember this girl from long ago she could not see it she did not know that it would pass that time would show some things we want we can’t control so a story emerged and she began to write of a boy and his love and the dark soul of night
I remember a time when love was free when the future was bright and we planted the seeds and we waited for spring and we watched the snow but we did not see it we did not know
I remember I loved with a love that was true and we fought and we cried and we tested and grew but we could not have seen coming a loss so great so we held and we laughed and we tested our fate we loved without fear never imagined we’d end up here
I remember she wept and she hit and she threw and she cried aloud to God and she asked how could you but she never stopped loving not a moment too soon for when love runs deep she knew we had to push through
I remember one evening when it all came to a halt and she begged and she pleaded but time went and stopped for the life they had planned had come to an end no it wasn’t the hurt or the loss of a friend but the cold kiss of death and the reckoning within
I remember she fled and she ran and she tried to forget but the war inside was not close to complete so she held her head low and forgot how to sing and she walked empty beaches in the mists of spring she cried and she pleaded for true love to return but knew that some words just cannot be unheard
I remember a boy and his eyes and his heart and the sounds he made strumming his guitar and the love that was made from two eager kids that turned into a love that would break them to shreds for as spring turned to winter she could not return for some stones in life cannot be unturned
I remember a sadness it was big and profound and no matter where they went it followed them around and to this very day it still holds them both though they tried and they worked and they did all they could but love can’t be forgotten not when it’s that good
I remember a moment it was not long ago when she finally hugged him and asked where’d you go and they talked and she cried and he reached for her hand as they passed their old home that same sacred land
I remember goodbye without saying those words but I’ll see you again and please don’t be concerned for remember when we were just kids you and me and we thought our love deeper than the deepest sea so we held out hope but went on with our lives knowing these days we shared would keep us alive
I remember that girl she was beautiful she believed in love and she promised her life to a boy sent from above and his heart was good and they never let go not once from the start but they accepted the truth that life did its part yet remember those days when love was the dawn and nothing was needed save two kids holding hands on the lawn
I remember to be grateful though it shattered and scarred though these days were both beautiful but sure left their mark on a boy and a girl and their tears in the dark to be here now another world away still holding that spark
I’ll always remember the boy his hands and his heart and be thankful for love and where we got a start
I remember now to be grateful for love though it wounds sometimes can turn you to dust but to love and be thankful even when it hurts I remember and I cherish its worth for I know life moves on and we chose different ways but in quiet of night these words still say, “To love and lose is better than no love at all”
well I’ll remember that now when to sleep I’ll fall and maybe dream of a boy from long before and his weeping girl on the shore and their story will remind me that love can heal and also cause pain but those days and that love will not go in vain so remember and cherish your days as they go you can’t see their end you just cannot know

Please, I welcome your thoughts, perspective, and new ideas on anything I have written here!

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