If I could pick a super power of all there ever could be, I would choose to see inside of you, and let you see inside of me.
I would dig deeper than any other’s eyes can go and I would unearth all the things you do not want me to know.

Your fears your doubts your secrets and shame, the place where you hide all your failures and blame. Every sorrow I’d measure with tape and a pen, I would write it all down until we got to the end.

I would bare open my chest and say look right here and I’d point to the place when my love disappeared. I would hold real still as you push and pull as you touch the spaces that are no longer whole. I would let you in and not hide anymore and thank God someone saw me and still wanted more.

If I could have one power it would surely be seeing for to know and be known is the reason for being. Alas as it stands you keep your eyes shut and let nobody inside, though I’d keep you so safe you would not have to hide.

I will keep on trying to be the one who sees all the good and the bad inside of me, and wait for the day when I can share this freely. To uncover the hidden and make it come out to the light, to see and be seen with our souls as our sight.

Please, I welcome your thoughts, perspective, and new ideas on anything I have written here!

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